About Us

United Supermarket locates in the City of London, Canada, 1062 of Adelaide street, covering about 30,000 square feet and having two car parks with hundreds of independent parking spaces serving the majority of customers, United Supermarket gives you a good shopping environment, the supermarket is located on the 16 bus line, shops, banking, restaurants, retail, beauty the nail industry readily available, combined with convenient transportation to make your shopping more convenient. United supermarket dedicated to the colorful Asian food culture to bring the majority of customers in London, according to the characteristics of Chinese and other Asian population in food culture, in addition to the cashier department, seafood, meat, groceries, fruit and vegetable, frozen the Ministry in addition to the addition of cooked roast meat department, China, Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries, snacks made on site to better serve the customer. Fresh operation is the most prominent feature of the United supermarket: fresh business area of more than 40%, United supermarket featuring live seafood, fruits, vegetables, raw meat with fresh, based on protection of the quality of the product under the fundamental principle also in the display of goods, the atmosphere to reflect the professional quality, so that customers enjoy the purchase of green, healthy food at the same time can also enjoy the United supermarkets careful as you build a good shopping environment. United supermarket will be scientific, environmental, health as a precondition, "customer is God" for the purpose, so that genuine; and inexpensive goods to meet your needs, starting from your actual needs, provide you with real value services. Help you better buy goods, so that you experience everywhere in the satisfaction and trust of intimate feelings, to create a safe and secure a comfortable shopping environment. Welcome to experience our most sincere service! Enjoy your health life in United Supermarket!

Tel :519-850-8858 Fax :519-850-8808
Address: 1062 Adelaide, London, Ontario